City of Flinflon

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Tear Stains

dogOur pets are a part of our family, and keeping them healthy is a top priority. The obvious needs of our pets include food, shelter, water and love, but we often neglect some of the other issues that can occur with our pets. Tear stains are a common issue that occurs in both cats and dogs. Tear stains don’t discriminate. However, they tend to appear more frequently in small dog breeds. Some of these small dog breeds include: Poodles, Malteses, Shi-Tzus, and Yorkshire Terriers.

Tear stains can be caused by an array of factors. Allergies, excessive tears, irritation to the eyes, shallow eye sockets and inward turned eyelids are all common causes of tear stains in dogs. Cleaning around the eyes where tear stains develop is a good start for reducing the appearance of dog tear stains.